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Reading and Math Products for Teachers

PALS is a 25-to 35-minute activity implemented by teachers 2 to 4 times a week designed to complement, not replace, existing reading and math curriculum. Read the full overview

student and teacher readingPALS Reading

PALS Reading is a structured, peer-mediated reading activity appropriate for students in preschool through grade 6 and high school. All students in a class are divided into pairs. Each member of the pair takes turns being coach and reader. As the reader reads aloud, the coach listens and provides corrective feedback. Materials are available for kindergarten through grade 6 and high school.

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kids studyingPALS Math

PALS Math has two basic coaching procedures: coaching and practice. During coaching, students work on a sheet of problems in the skill area (e.g., adding, subtracting with regrouping, number concepts, charts, and graphs) to which they have been assigned. The coach uses a sheet that contains a series of questions, differing by problem type, designed to guide the player. Coaches also use a correction procedure. Coaching usually lasts 15-20 minutes. Materials are available for kindergarten through grade 6.

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PALS Training Workshops

We recommend that teachers participate in a one-day PALS Training Workshop.

Our workshops are designed to help teachers learn how to effectively implement their PALS Reading or Math teaching materials in the classroom.

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