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PALS Reading is a structured, peer-mediated reading activity appropriate for students in preschool through grade 6 and high school. All students in a class are divided into pairs. Each member of the pair takes turns being coach and reader and are awarded points for good reading and coaching. As the reader reads aloud, the coach listens and provides corrective feedback. PALS does not require special reading material. Teachers may use library books or short stories

The time commitment in the classroom for implementing PALS reading each week differs slightly depending on the grade level and instructors have some flexibility in the scheduling. K-Pals is done 3-4 times per week for approximately 30 minutes per session; first grade PALS is done 3-4 times per week for approximately 35 minutes per session; Grades 2-6 PALS is implemented 3 times per week for 35 minutes per session; and High School PALS is implemented 5 times every 2 weeks for 35 minutes per session.

In Kindergarten PALS, children practice letter-sound correspondence, decoding, phonological awareness, and sightwords.

First-grade and grades 2-6 PALS emphasize decoding and reading fluency. There are four PALS activities that promote reading fluency and reading comprehension:

  1. Partner reading
  2. Paragraph shrinking
  3. Prediction relay
  4. Re-telling

High School PALS is similar to PALS at grades 2-6 but uses more age-appropriate motivational and helping strategies.

We’ve introduced a 2016 Revised edition of the K-PALS Reading Manual. The revision incorporates many of the comments we received from teachers using K-PALS Reading in their classrooms. The revisions, overall, provide more clarity to the content and more relevant pictures. Specifically, we revised all scripts to be easier to understand, reorganized lessons by day, so no more flipping between “Sound Play” and “Decoding” components of the manual, and we’ve updated the pictures, improved the quality, and added words to correspond with the pictures. Additionally, there is more information about the research base supporting K-PALS, more detail about how to use the manual and K-PALS procedures, and tips from experienced
K-PALS teachers.

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2016 Revised Kindergarten
Reading Manual

  • Teacher Manual with Student Materials

First Grade
Reading Manual

  • Teacher Manual with Student Materials

Grade 2-6 (English)
Reading Products

  • Teacher Manual with Student Materials
  • DVD

Grade 2-6 (Spanish)
Reading Manual

  • Teacher Manuals with Student Materials

High School
Reading Products

  • Teacher Manual with Student Materials
  • DVDs

We recommend PALS one-day training workshops. These workshops will help you implement PALS in your classroom!