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Teacher Comments

"This is my fourth year teaching kindergarten. I have never had so many students reading at this time in the kindergarten. This program is very easy to implement and extremely beneficial to all students. All students will go to first grade knowing letters, sounds, decoding skills, and reading many words. Students who participated in this program will have a head start over other children in regards to reading as they enter first grade." .- Mrs. Johnson, Dupont Elementary School (Title 1), Nashville

"PALS has helped my students tremendously with reading and writing. I am much impressed! " - Mrs. Bellar, BrookmeadeElementary School, Nashville

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" is a true proverb that is played out at Carter-Lawrence on a daily basis. Our university students, volunteers and teachers work together to improve student learning.

Recently, during a visit in Mrs. Birdwell's Pre-K classroom, I observed students reading words and discerning vowel sounds. After a few minutes, I praised them for their good working habits. One student spoke up and said, "I can read books, too." He proudly read a book to me. This is just one example of what happens when the community becomes involved in our schools. Our many thanks go out to Vanderbilt University and everyone who has partnered in implementing PALS in our pre-K program." -Ruth Beaman, Principal, Carter-Lawrence Elementary Math & Science Magnet School, Nashville

"PALS is an amazing help in teaching children to read." - Mrs. Hollis, Brookmeade Elementary School, Nashville

"The PALS activities were very easy to implement. They provided intensive times of actual reading by every student, as well as interaction with other students. It provided a valuable addition to my regular reading instruction. I believe the PALS program was of benefit to low, average, and high performing students." - Mrs. King, Dodson Elementary School, Nashville

"My students have made a lot of progress. I had three students that I thought would be retained this year. The PALS approach to reading has really made a difference. I’m not retaining any children this year." - Janet Richardson, Dupont Elementary School (Title 1), Nashville

Student Comments

Elementary school students from Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools offered this feedback about PALS reading:

"The best thing about PALS is being respectful to people that may not be as strong a reader as you. My reading improved during PALS. In PALS, when your partner makes a mistake, you are taught how to encourage him to do it again. Also you can tell him 'good job' when he does good after he rereads the sentence. I really hope we can do PALS again because it was really fun." -Merri

"The best thing about PALS was I became a better reader. The reason why is because I use to stutter when I read and Mrs. Martin helped me with the words I stuttered with. PALS helped me with sounding out the words, and my reading improved. PALS really helped me. I hope we have PALS again." - Cearuh

"PALS was a good experience for me. It helped me cooperate with other students. For example one of my partners read a four paragraph page very slowly. I helped him. The next day he read much better. That made me feel really good. Later, another PALS partner I had didn't like to answer the PALS question. When I showed her how, she was spectacular. I loved PALS. I hope to do it again." - Myers

"I need to learn how to read."

"I got to meet friends."

"If it was not for PALS I will not read." - Avier

"I liked the competition."

"I liked making new friends."

"I liked learning how to read." - Demarcus

"I like to read in the PALS."

"I like my reader partner because I learned how to read." - Ashley



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