Inclusion of persons with disabilities

Inclusion refers to fully including people with disabilities, regardless of the type or severity of disability, in their communities so that they experience no physical or attitudinal barriers as they pursue their personal goals in education, housing, employment, and all other activities of daily living.

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Ethical Responses to the Challenges of Health Disparities Affecting People With Disabilities
Ethical Responses to the Challenges of Health Disparities Affecting People With Disabilities

IQ < 70: Vulnerable or Excluded in Mainstreamed Psychiatric Research
Clinical and Translational Research Lecture

TRIAD receives awards, grant for its community engagement work
TRIAD’s Community Engagement team continues to make an impact on our community, earning awards at Autism Tennessee’s recent Fall Conference and receiving a Community Engagement grant from Jackson Bank’s National Community Fund. TRIAD—Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorder—is the hub for autism assessment, treatment, training, and research within the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

Exploring spiritual dimensions in the lives of youth with intellectual disability or autism
Though little has been documented about the prominence of religion and spirituality for adolescents and young adults with intellectual disability and/or autism, a recently published VKC study identifies key spiritual expressions and themes that indicate its influence and importance.

Think Employment Summit focuses on raising expectations, opportunities, and self-advocacy
The TennesseeWorks Think Employment Summit brought together over 200 students with disabilities, family members, employers, service providers, and partners in state government to focus on improving employment outcomes for youth and young adults with disabilities.

VKC providing national leadership in the area of disabilities, religion, and inclusive spiritual supports
From assisting congregations to connect members with disabilities to jobs to coordinating a national webinar series on how to honor spiritual needs, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC) continues to address the issue of inclusion and belonging in faith communities.

Artists take part in VKC mentoring program
Two artists who have exhibited work at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center took part in an arts mentoring program with local artist and curator Lain York to prepare for their Fall 2015 solo exhibits.

Next Steps at Vanderbilt takes huge leap forward, thanks to federal grants
The quality, impact, and reach of Next Steps at Vanderbilt will be expanded thanks to a 5-year, $1.93 million grant to Peabody College awarded by the Office of Postsecondary Education, U.S. Department of Education.

VKC researchers provide expertise on national disability policy and research initiatives
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Addressing diversity and equity
Two new diversity and equity efforts are underway through the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s LEND and UCEDD programs.

Next Steps students celebrate courage and dreams
The students of Next Steps at Vanderbilt received the Perry Wallace Courage Award presented by Vanderbilt Athletics to a group or individual on campus exemplifying the courage and fortitude of Perry Wallace, the first black scholarship athlete in the SEC.

Raising and achieving aspirations—Next Steps at Vanderbilt 2016 Graduation
The achievements of five graduating Next Steps at Vanderbilt students were greeted by the applause of family and friends on April 27, and celebrated in the remarks of Next Steps graduate Jamie Galvin, Ambassadore Michael Flom, and Next Steps faculty director Erik Carter, Ph.D.

VKC impacting key policy changes for people with IDD and their families
The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (VKC UCEDD), alongside Tennessee Developmental Disabilities Network partners (Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities, University of Tennessee Boling Center, and Disability Rights Tennessee), provided self-advocates and stakeholders the opportunity to offer input into the implementation of the new Employment and Community First CHOICES Medicaid program through a series of focus groups held prior to the July 1 start date.

Public Policy Update: VKC educates to advocate on employment, aging caregivers, and expansion of the STEP UP Scholarship
Highlights of 2016 educational advocacy efforts include the presentation of the Expect Employment report to Governor Haslam, lowering the age of primary caregiver eligibility for DIDD waivers from 80 to 75, and expanding TN STEP UP scholarships for 4-year college programs.

Dietetic internship with Next Steps at Vanderbilt provides valuable –and healthy– experiences
A valuable partnership between Next Steps at Vanderbilt and the Vanderbilt Dietetic Internship program provides opportunities for professional development and independence while addressing health inequalities of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

McMillan shares inclusive TN higher education information with HBCU Summit
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center UCEDD co-director Elise McMillan, J.D., presented information on Tennessee’s Inclusive Higher Education Alliance to representatives from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) during the 2017 HBCU Summit on Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, November 14.

Educate to Advocate 2017
Educate to Advocate 2017

Making our voices heard in our nation’s capitol
I count myself very fortunate to have been able to attend the annual Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, D.C., again this year, March 20-22, and to make visits to our Tennessee Congressional Delegation on Capitol Hill. As we chanted at the Seminar: “This is what democracy looks like.”

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Erik Carter, Ph.D.
Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair and Professor of Special Education

Mary Louise Hemmeter, Ph.D.
Professor of Special Education

Naomi Tyler, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor of Special Education

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