Community Engagement
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Contact Directory

For information regarding supports and services available for your family, please feel free to contact the individuals listed below for each organization.

Organization Contact Name Postition Phone Email

Adventure Science Museum





Cheekwood Art & Gardens

Nathalie Lavine

Education Director

Country Music Hall of Fame






Shaun Giles

Assistant Director for Community Engagement


The Hermitage

Dana Lolas

Guest Services Manager


Nashville Ballet

Briona Richardson

Community Engagement Manager

615-297-2966 X 111

Nashville Children’s Theatre

Alicia Fuss

Director of Education


Nashville Opera

Anna Young

Director of Education


Nashville Predators





Nashville Public Library





Nashville Symphony

Kelley Bell

Education and Community Program Manager


Nashville Zoo

Chad Fifer

Education Curator











Resources Directory

In collaboration with community organizations, TRIAD works to increase accessibility for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other development and intellectual disabilities by developing evidence-based supports to increase independence. Below are supports that can be used during a visit to the community organization.

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Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Nashville Children's Theater

Nashville Opera

Nashville Public Library

Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC)

Contact Information

Lauren Weaver, M.S., BCBA, (615) 322-6027 or email
Kelly Wendel, M.Ed., (615) 322-1886 or email