TRIAD Autism Research

TRIAD research programs and partnerships examine the causes and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

These projects include:

  • The diagnosis of autism
  • Identification of genetic and core behavioral features of autism
  • The nature and treatment of sleep disturbance in children with autism
  • Early intervention with children at risk for autism
  • Development of siblings of children with autism
  • Understanding the health and well-being of parents with children with autism.

The TADPOLE Network: A Vanderbilt Autism Center of Excellence (ACE) Program

The National Institutes of Health has funded the Autism Centers of Excellence (ACE) program to more rapidly advance collaborative, multi-disciplinary science exploring the causes and most effective treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Vanderbilt Kennedy Center investigators actively participate in three ACE Program projects, one of which is The TADPOLE Network.

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