School-Based Consultation

School-based consultation services are designed to help teachers, administrators and other stakeholders develop and evaluate programs, policies and procedures, as well as design optimal behavioral and educational interventions for individual students with autism.

Autism Program Evaluation

The purpose of the Autism Program Evaluation is to work with school administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders to strengthen school programs for students with autism spectrum disorders at a district level. TRIAD specialists identify program strengths and needs that are used to develop specific recommendations related to program philosophy and goals, services and service delivery procedures, personnel training, and resources and support.

Collaborative Child-Focused Consultation

TRIAD specialists are available to consult with school personnel who have questions or concerns about specific students with autism. A team approach is employed. School personnel and parents work together to develop a common understanding of the student's strengths and needs, so that optimal behavioral and educational programs can be designed and implemented.

Program Consultation

TRIAD personnel are available to aid teachers and other school personnel in developing and implementing specialized programs for students with autism. Consultation may focus on educational or behavioral issues, such as integrating different teaching methods in the classroom setting, developing a coordinated plan for behavior management, or designing a social skills intervention program.

Transition Planning for Adolescents

TRIAD professionals are available to consult with school personnel who have questions about meeting the transition needs of adolescents with autism. Following an individualized social skills assessment, parents and school personnel will work as a team to determine the student's strengths, interests, and needs, and to develop strategies for promoting a successful transition to adulthood.


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