The TRIAD Families First Program

Families First Program

TRIAD’s Families First Program is a free workshop intended for parents of young children (ages 2-5) newly diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The primary goal of Families First is to equip parents and caregivers with hands on, practical tools to support their child at home and in the community based in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This program is intended to be a place to start for families to set goals and apply strategies related to the topics presented. This information is provided in a structure where parents and caregivers have an opportunity to meet other parents of children with ASD with similar questions or concerns.

The Families First program occurs monthly on Saturday mornings. The workshops are structured in a way where each topic can stand alone or families can attend multiple topics if they choose. During the workshops, information is presented to attendees and families are placed into small groups where they collaboratively apply the strategies presented. Families are also given time to plan for their child and are provided with resources to bring home, such as visual supports and tip sheets, in order to more easily apply the ideas introduced during the workshop.

Workshop topics vary from session to session, so check the event calendar for upcoming topics and dates.

Although this is a free workshop, registration is required in order to attend an event. Limited free on-site childcare is available for children over 1 year and under 10 years of age, only to those attendees who request it before the event by calling Nina Harris at (615) 322-7565. We encourage you to register early if you are planning to request childcare, as this often fills up and has a waiting list.

We have created a Social Story™ for you to use to help prepare your child for childcare. You may download here. If you are not familiar with them, a Social Story™ is a research-based way to prepare children with autism for situations that may be new, scary, or confusing. If knowing the details about an event ahead of time will relieve anxiety, have your child read the story a few days prior to the visit. By reviewing the story, it will help create predictability about a new or unknown social situation and environment. While reviewing the story with your child, you can answer other questions your child may have. If reading the story ahead of time will make your child more anxious, wait until just before (for example, the morning of or in the car on the way) to give them the story. You can also add or take out details based on your child’s age.

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