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The Education and Brain Sciences Research Lab (EBRL) seeks to understand why some children are successful at learning to read while others are not. Using neuroimaging and behavioral testing, our NIH and NSF funded studies investigate reading comprehension, Neurofibromatosis Type 1, and the effects of reading interventions in children with and without reading difficulties.

We aim to improve the diagnosis and treatment of children who are struggling learners by combining findings from neurobiological, psychological, and educational perspectives.



Congratulations to –Dr.– Stephen Bailey! (Oct. 25th.)

As we all know, the life of a grad or phd student is a difficult one. Much of your time is spent delicately balancing life and important research that will far outlive you. Many days and nights are spent on the edge of delirium and sleep deprivation, all to get that degree and learn a […]

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EBRL Invites You to the Dissertation Defense of Stephen K. Bailey (Oct. 24th)

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Laurie Cutting to be awarded Women in Cognitive Sciences Leadership Award 2018

In acknowledgement of her efforts to advance the success of women in Cognitive Science, Dr. Cutting has been selected to receive a Leadership award from Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS), just prior to the start of the 2018 Psychonomic Society Meeting in New Orleans. WiCS has instituted a Leadership Award to recognize initiatives that individuals have […]

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Laurie Cutting Honored with NIH Merit Award

Read the full article here : Laurie Cutting, Vanderbilt educational neuroscientist, honored with NIH Merit Award by Joan Brasher Oct. 5, 2018, 8:22 AM     https://news.vanderbilt.edu/2018/10/05/laurie-cutting-vanderbilt-educational-neuroscientist-honored-with-nih-merit-award/     EBRL’s own Dr. Laurie Cutting is to be awarded with the NIH Merit Award; an award created in 1986 designed to create long-term funding support to particularly outstanding […]

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Neuroscience Graduate Program Retreat (9/27/18)

  The annual Vanderbilt Brain Institute (VBI) Retreat was held on September 27th, 2018, and EBRL’s graduate student’s presence definitely could be felt!  The annual gathering was host to a wide range of students in the field and excellent research from a variety of different laboratories to share ideas, promote collaboration, and celebrate a joy for research. […]

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EBRL at Vanderbilt’s Flulapalooza (9/26/18)

In preparation of the upcoming flu season, EBRL sought out to fight back with the rest of Vanderbilt at the annual Flulapalooza! (Try saying that five times fast or at all.)   Hope you stay well during this flu season!  

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EBRL Moves! (8/13)

The Education and Brain Sciences Research Lab has moved to a new building! Last week we moved to 1400 18th Avenue South, Nashville TN, just a few blocks away from our old office. It’s been a hectic few weeks, but we are all excited to continue our research and study in our brand new home!

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Congratulations to Walden Ferrell on her poster presentation! (7/11)

The lab would like to publicly congratulate our intern Walden Ferrell on her excellent poster presentation over some of the preliminary findings of the lab. Walden has been working with the lab for some time and has been a valuable asset. Working closely with lab member Tin Nyugen, Walden generated this poster to present with […]

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Cutting Lab to present at Twenty-Fifth Annual SSSR Meeting (7/18 – 7/21)

Twenty-Fifth Annual SSSR Meeting Location: Hilton Brighton Metropole (Brighton, United Kingdom) Dates: July 18-21, 2018 Program Chair: Robert Savage https://www.triplesr.org/twenty-fifth-annual-meeting Poster Presentation – *presenting authors Neena Saha*, Stephen Bailey, & Laurie Cutting. Initial Validation Evidence for the Decoding System Measure (DSyM): A Measure of Decoding Difficulty.   Tin Nguyen*, Stephanie Del Tufo, & Laurie Cutting. Executive Functions and Brain Structural […]

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Stephen Bailey’s talk at ORAL SESSION: Language; Convention in Singapore (Wednesday, 6/20)

Reorganization of resting-state networks while reading and listening: a developmental perspective Presented During: ORAL SESSION: Language Wednesday, Jun 20: 11:30 AM  – 11:42 AM 3424 Oral Sessions Singapore Convention Center Room: Room 324-326 One of the chief insights about the “resting” brain is that it segregates into densely intra-connected resting-state networks. These include primary sensory regions […]

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