Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace, Ph.D Laboratory Director

Dean of the Graduate

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Current Members

Mark Mark Wallace

Laboratory Director
Louise B. McGavock Endowed Chair
Dean, Graduate School

Research Interests: Multisensory processing, development and plasticity, developmental disabilities Has been known to: herd cats... in both the figurative and literal sense.

Curriculum Vitae

Sheri Sheri Stephens

Assistant to the Dean

Responsibilities: oversees the Vanderbilt Graduate School calendar and travel for Mark Wallace.

Has been known to: flip over backwards in a rocking chair.

Tiffany Tiffany Woynaroski

Research Assistant Professor
Speech Pathologist

Research Interests: using multisensory integration to clarify the nature of developmental disorders and to predict long-term outcomes
Has been known to: get caught binging on candy and Diet Coke at all hours of the day.

Mohit Mohit Chadha

Post-doctoral fellow Personal Website

Research Interests: sensory systems, sensorimotor integration, goal-directed behavior, target selection, decision making, attention, representation of space.

Has been known to: offer money saving tips.

Curriculum Vitae

Aaron Aaron Nidiffer

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Multisensory integration in the awake and behaving cat, auditory development and plasticity

Has been known to: have reaction times faster than normal.

Lauren Lauren Bryant

Graduate Student

Research Interests:multisensory processing, autism spectrum disorder, somatosensory and auditory processing, neuroimaging, and psychophysics

Has been known to: have wacky hairstyles.

Iliza Iliza Butera

Graduate Student

Research Interests: electrophysiology and multisensory processing in patients with cochlear implants.

Has been known to: experiment.

DavidDavid Simon

Graduate Student

Research Interests: the relationship between sensory processing and functional deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorder and typical development.

Has been known to: know everything about fish tanks.

Jean Jean-Paul Noel

Graduate Student Personal Website

Research Interests: Spatio-temporal proprieties of multisensory (audio-somatosensory, visuo-somatosensory, and audio-visual) integration across space (depth primarily).

Has been known to: Write super generic Research Interest statements.

Gabi Gabriella DiCarlo

MSTP Student

Research Interests: optogenetic manipulation of cortical circuitry underlying multisensory integration.

Has been known to: Write super generic Research Interest statements.

Collins Collins Opoku-Baah

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Multisensory processing and plasticity, perceptual learning and neuroimaging in visually-impairing ocular and brain disorders.

Has been known to: advocate positive competition in the lab.

DavidT David Tovar

MSTP Student

Research Interests: Predictive coding, multisensory processing, object recognition, neuroimaging.

Has been known to: like inspirational quotes.

Jacob Jacob Feldman

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Relations between multisensory integration and language, literacy, and symptom severity in children with autism spectrum disorder.

Has been known to: have ornithophobia and an obsessive knowledge of hockey trivia.

Wayne Wayne Kuang


Research Interests: Multisensory processing in infants and young children diagnosed with ASD.

Has been known to: work 24/7 while being awesome. It's called being LEGENDARY!

Mentor: Tiffany Woynaroski

Jon Jonathan Amaro-Barron


Research Interests: Audiovisual integration in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Has been known to: break into song without noticing.

Mentor: David Tovar

Nitya Nitya Venkat


Research Interests: Sensory systems in conjunction with emotion, learning and memory.

Has been known to: love the commodores, coffee and strong political views.

Mentor: David Tovar

Andrew Andrew Bender


Research Interests: Degradation of the brain during and neural indicators of Alzheimer's disease.

Has been known to: talk like Elmo.

Mentor: David Tovar

Emma Emma Sterling


Research Interests: Neurorehabilitation through multisensory integration and non-invasive brain simulation.

Has been known to: have an endless supply of M&M's.

Mentor: David Tovar

Garrett Garrett Cotter


Research Interests: Neural degradation in patients with Parkinson's Disease, multisensory integration in relation to emotion.

Has been known to: pretend he is Bruno Mars.

Mentor: David Tovar

Chidinma Chidinma Ukadike


Research Interests: Multisensory processing and motor responses in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Has been known to: have random outbursts in multiple languages.

Mentor: David Tovar

Cokie Cokie Young


Research Interests: Audiovisual integration in sleep.

Has been known to: hate coffee and love Beyoncé.

Mentor: David Tovar