Making connections in autism research across VU and VUMC focus of Nov. 17 event

By: Jan Rosemergy

“Vanderbilt Surprising Connections in Autism and Innovation,” a day of presentations, poster sessions, and cross-discipline conversations, will be held Friday, Nov. 17, at the Martha Rivers Ingram Commons Rooms 237 and 235.

The conference is sponsored by the newly established Vanderbilt Center for Autism and Innovation (VCAI) in partnership with the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC), the VKC Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD), and the Vanderbilt School of Engineering.

“We envision this as a day for sharing, learning, exploring, and brainstorming,” said Keivan Stassun, Ph.D., VCAI Director, Stevenson Endowed Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research. “The conference is for those across Vanderbilt and the Medical Center involved in autism work—and those open to future engagement—especially for understanding neurodiverse capabilities, developing supportive technologies, matching individuals’ strengths to meaningful work, and advancing innovation in the marketplace.”

The conference includes presentations of innovative interdisciplinary work, lightning talks related to two poster sessions, and demonstrations of technologies and novel approaches. A continental breakfast, lunch, and closing reception will be provided.

See VKC Events for the conference agenda and presenters. For information, contact

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