Flood Relief Information for Persons with Disabilities and Families

Resources for flood victims with disabilities and their families including information referral and other information.

Podcast: Post-Flood Depression Warning Signs

Dr. Ron Salomon of the Vanderbilt Psychiatry Department discusses warning signs related to emotional distress which may occur in adults and children impacted by the 2010 Nashville Flood. Listen here.

Coping After the Flood: A Community Forum

The VKC held a community forum Wednesday, May 26, to help individuals with disabilities and their families cope with the aftermath of the recent floods. Family members shared their experience of coping with the loss of their home during a natural disaster, and a panel of health care professionals presented resources and tips for coping with stress.

Click here to see the video of the forum. Please also see links below to Printable Materials and Resources for information shared with attendees.

Contact Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

For information for Tennessee flood victims with disabilities and their families, please contact Tennessee Disability Pathfinder. Tennessee Disability Pathfinder is a free information referral service for people with disabilities and their families.

  • Call 800-640-INFO (4636) or 615-322-8529 to talk to disability information referral professionals
  • TTY users: dial 711 for free relay service
  • English and Español is spoken
  • tnpathfinder@vanderbilt.edu
  • Flood Relief Resources for Persons with Disabilities
  • Further Updates, Share Your Stories

    Keep an eye on the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center website and its page on Facebook for more updates.

    Find us on Facebook

    If your family was affected by the flood, please share your story on Facebook. Your stories can help the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center help prepare individuals with disabilities and their families for future emergencies.

    Disability Representative In the State Level Emergency Operations Center

    We are so fortunate to have Juli Gallup from the Disability Law and Advocacy Center as our disability representative in the state level Emergency Operations Center. She has had extensive experience in recovery from her work at Katrina Today.

    If you need to contact her, she can be reached through DLAC at 615-298-1080.

    AutismCares Is Helping Families Affected By the Floods

    AutismCares helps families affected by autism to cover costs associated with critical living expenses such as: housing, utilities, car repair, daycare, funeral expenses, and other essential items on a case-by-case basis. The program relies on donations to assist these families who are in need.

    If you need assistance, contact:

    Kathy L. Streng
    Director, Regionally Supported Walks, Southeast

    TRIAD has posted flood relief information in their newsletter.

    Tennessee Flood Relief Resources

    Flood cleanup and recovery information

    This article by the Tennessean includes information on:

    • Disaster information centers
    • Flood help
    • Trash pickup
    • How to Help
    • Insurance
    • When to go home
    • Food safety
    • Water safety

    Practical Information About Flooding at Home

    This article posted on MyVUMC includes some nice, practical tips for people recovering from a flood. It includes information on:

    • Applying for a Duplicate (Replacement) Driver’s License
    • Replacing Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates
    • Replacing a Passport
    • Social Security and Medicare Card Replacement
    • Lost Credit Cards
    • Deeds and Titles
    • Legal Assistanc
    • Federal Relief

    President Declares Major Disaster For Tennessee

    The president has declared a major disaster for Tennessee, which makes federal funding available to affected individuals in in Cheatham, Davidson, Hickman and Williamson counties.

    Last Updated: 6/24/2010 10:42:04 AM

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