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Math and Reading Products for Teachers

PALS Reading and Math were developed by researchers at Vanderbilt University to help teachers accomodate diverse learners and promote their academic success.

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Products for Teachers
PALS manuals include training scripts, student game boards, lessons and more for various grades and reading levels.


PALS Mission
PALS Reading and Math were developed by researchers at Vanderbilt University to help teachers accomodate diverse learners.


Research Evidence
Years of academic research support the efficacy of PALS teaching products. See the evidence in detail here.

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In the News


  • Credit card ordering is now available. See our Ordering page for a link to the online ordering system. Shipping is free in the Continental US. Be advised that if you are not in the continental United States, you will need to contact Lynn Davies for a shipping quote before ordering.
  • We’ve introduced a 2016 REVISED PALS Kindergarten Manual. The new manual includes feedback from teachers including revised scripts that are easier to follow, lessons reorganized by days to eliminate flipping between “Sound Play” and “Decoding” components, and updated pictures. Click here for an order form.
  • Fraction Face-Off! was launched in September 2015 and educators immediately expressed much enthusiasm for the program which was developed by the Fuchs Research Group at Vanderbilt University. Fraction Face-Off! is designed to build a solid foundation in understanding fractions for at-risk learners at fourth grade. Click here for an order form.
  • PALS Kindergarten Reading Program has been recognized by Teacher’s College at Columbia University as being a "cost-effective early reading intervention program". Following a cost-effectiveness analysis recently conducted by The Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education, researchers concluded that among programs that have been shown to be effective with respect to early literacy outcomes, PALS Kindergarten Reading is also highly efficient in terms of cost per student. Click here for the full report.
  • PALS recognized as a promising program by Blueprint. Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development (Blueprints) adds PALS to its list of promising programs for academic performance and early cognitive development. Blueprints identifies prevention and intervention programs that meet a strict scientific standard of program effectiveness. Of the more than 1,000 programs that Blueprints’ Advisory Board has reviewed that are exemplary in methods and grounded in evidence, PALS was one of the 44 selected. To learn more about Blueprints' assessment of PALS as a Promising Program click here.
  • PALS expands its international footprint.
    • PALS Reading Grades 2 – 6 is now available in Spanish. A Spanish language version of PALS Reading Grades 2 – 6 is available for both domestic and international elementary students who speak Spanish as their first language.  A plan to offer Spanish language versions of other existing PALS manuals is under review. Click here for the article "Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies for English Language Learners with Disabilities". For the PALS Spanish Grades 2-6 Reading Manual order form click here.
    • PALS Reading is now available in Europe. PALS Reading Grades 2- 6 is available on-line in Europe through an agreement with CPD College. CPD College is a provider of high quality on-line professional development training courses for primary school teachers in Ireland and other international locations. The courses are accredited by the Irish Department of Education and Science. To access the PALS course description on CPD College’s home page click here.
    • A French version of PALS 1st grade reading is available. PALS has been adapted and successfully tested in a large sample of schools located in some of Montreal’s (Quebec, Canada) most underprivileged neighborhoods. PALS Reading Grades 2-6 has also been modified and adapted specifically for second-grade classrooms. For more information about these programs click here.
    • An Icelandic version of PALS is now available in Iceland. PALS Kindergarten and Grades 2-6 Reading manuals along with the PALS Kindergarten Math Manual have been translated into Icelandic serving elementary students in Iceland. Plans are underway to offer an Icelandic version of PALS 1st Grade Reading and Math manuals, and a Grades 2 – 6 Math manual. PALS is administered through SISL, a program in Iceland aimed at benefiting the Icelandic education system by introducing learning and teaching methods which have proven effective, particularly in the United States. To access more information about SISL click here.
  • PALS beginning math and reading programs receive favorable reviews from Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE).
    • A 2010 review by BEE concludes that PALS reading program possess strong evidence of effectiveness among beginning reading programs for elementary grades. To access the full report click here.
    • A 2007 review by BEE concludes that PALS math is an effective program in elementary mathematics. To access the full report click here.
    • BEE presents reliable, unbiased reviews of research-proven educational programs to help policy makers, principals, teachers, and researchers. To learn more about BEE, click on to
  • PALS developers, Drs. Doug and Lynn Fuchs, are among a select group of "Revolutionary Educators" named by Forbes Magazine
    Read the article in Forbes.

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Mrs. Bellar, Brookmeade Elementary School, Nashville says:

"PALS has helped my students tremendously with reading and writing. I am much impressed! "

Ruth Beaman, Principal, Carter-Lawrence Elementary Math & Science Magnet School, Nashville says:

"Recently, during a visit in Mrs. Birdwell's Pre-K classroom, I observed students reading words and discerning vowel sounds. After a few minutes, I praised them for their good working habits. One student spoke up and said, "I can read books, too."' He proudly read a book to me.

This is just one example of what happens when the community becomes involved in our schools. Our many thanks go out to Vanderbilt University and everyone who has partnered in implementing PALS in our pre-K program."

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