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CONNECT Group for Adults with High-Functioning Autism

Starts: 12/12/2019 6:30 PM
Ends: 12/12/2019 8:30 PM

Cross Point Church
299 Cowan St
Nashville, TN, 37213

CONNECT is a monthly group provided for adults with high-functioning autism who are seeking a safe social outlet. The group will begin by meeting on location at CrossPoint; once participants feel comfortable, meetings may be held in various locations in the community (e.g., grocery store, mall, bowling alley). Individuals with high-functioning autism frequently find themselves isolated despite wanting to make and keep friends. They often have fewer opportunities to interact with others and lack the self-confidence needed to initiate relationships in the opportunities they do have. Less developed social and executive functioning skills make it difficult to know how to find opportunities for developing relationships. This group will provide a safe environment for these individuals to connect and practice interacting with others under the supervision of a trained professional. Objectives For participants: · To practice greetings others and doing so until it is a routine behavior · To develop self-confidence by learning more about ASD and how it can be used as a strength · To practice initiating, maintaining and ending conversations · To practice social skills in a variety of settings with familiar and unfamiliar individuals For the community: · Individuals with HFA have many positive attributes that can contribute to society. However, without the self-confidence and skills needed to successfully and comfortably interact with others, these attributes often go unnoticed. As Connect participants practice appropriately interacting with others and gain the courage necessary to venture into the community, the community will gain greater access to neurodiversity.