Lynn S. Fuchs, Ph.D.

Dunn Family Chair in Psychoeducational Assessment and Professor of Special Education; Co-Director, National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention (NCLii)


Lynn S. Fuchs, Ph.D.

Contact Info

(615) 343-4782


418B One Magnolia Circle

Overview of Interests

Curriculum-based measurement for monitoring student progress and developing effective instructional programs for pupils with learning disabilities; teacher planning for students at risk for academic failure; peer-mediated instruction.

PALS: Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies

National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention (NCLii): View Biographical Sketch (.pdf)


  • Cognition and Student Learning
  • Embedding Working Memory Training within Math Problem Solving Intervention
  • Preventing and Understanding Mathematics Disability
  • Promoting Math Problem Solving and Reading Comprehension Via Language
  • Reading Development & Its Neurological Basis Among Students With DS (Nicholas Hobbs Discovery Grant)
  • Word Problems, Language, and Comorbid Learning Disabilities


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