Kathy Irvin

Kathy Irvin

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Kathy Irvin is a registered nurse with 18 years of clinical and leadership experience as well as an additional 16 years of corporate healthcare leadership.

Kathy participated in Special Olympics as a nursing resource for any injuries incurred during the State of Tennessee games at Vanderbilt University as well as being a hugger to the participants. Her sister, Joanie Crowley, began participating in Special Olympics as a result of Kathy sharing those experiences with Joanie and their parents. Kathy has been and continues to support Joanie on a personal and health-related levels.

Kathy has a grandson on the autism spectrum. She brought her observations to her son and daughter in law’s attention when their son was 18 months old. Kathy is actively engaged with her grandson who is now 10 years old and thriving in school after early intervention and education for their family and extended family.

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