Special Events

A number of Special Events are planned:

Student-Faculty Lunch Program, Times and locations vary. Prior to the conference, students and postdocs are given the opportunity to sign up for individual meeting times with faculty.

Vanderbilt Music & Mind kickoff to SMPC event on SATURDAY AUGUST 1 will take place from 1-7pm at Ingram Hall at the Blair School of Music. There will be a Public Interest Keynote Talk by Dr. Charles Limb, an Exposition of music research at Vanderbilt, Special music performance by Neuroscientist/Singer Dr. Joseph LeDoux and Colin Dempsey of the duet So We Are, Networking opportunities with the music industry and the local community, and a Welcome Reception. SMPC (full conference) attendees do not need a separate ticket for the Kickoff. You don’t want to miss this very special event!



8:30am Conference Opening Remarks, Great Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center

1:30pm Panel Discussion: Orchestrating Vision : Conducting music research with community partnersGreat Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center

4:10pm SMPC President’s Address, Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award, and Presentation of Student Awards, Great Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center

5:30pm Early Career Panel, Great Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center



7:30am Student Breakfast, Vanderbilt Curb Center

1:30pm Conference Keynote Talk: Shaping Time: Properties and Functions, by Dr. Jeanne Bamberger of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Great Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center

5:30pm SMPC Business Meeting, Great Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center

7pm Conference Banquet Dinner, Vanderbilt Student Life Center



8am ASHA Presentation, Great Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center

Dr. Margaret Rogers, Chief Staff Officer for Science and Research, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, presents

Music Resonates with Communication Sciences and Disorders

A brief overview will be provided of the Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) discipline and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to better acquaint attendees with the discipline, ASHA’s mission, who ASHA represents, and what ASHA members do. The presentation will provide an overview of the clinical importance of music for specific populations with communication disorders and how SLPs may use music as an adjunctive approach to help improve communication. Additional detail will be provided to describe ASHA’s efforts to support the generation and knowledge translation of clinical research and to advocate with policy makers on behalf of our members and those with communication and related disorders. The need for more research will be highlighted, specifically research that addresses the role of music in the assessment (e.g., rhythm and pattern perception) and treatment of specific communication disorders as well as that investigates how music can facilitate communication in some contexts and that identifies the mechanisms (neural drivers or pathways) that support such facilitation.

6pm Special performance of Art Song Theatre, Ingram Hall at the Blair School of Music:

SONGFIRE Theatre Alliance presents

Seaworthy: Obsession can wreck you

Original script by Brenda Sparks

A young woman’s consuming passion to solve a family mystery leads her on the voyage of a lifetime. There she discovers she’s not the only one haunted by the past.  To survive, she must learn to see the horrifying truth.

Experience the American premiere of Seaworthy: Obsession Can Wreck You inspired by one of the greatest maritime mysteries, the disappearance of the ship The Mary Celeste.  Originally premiered at the Vancouver International Song Institute’s groundbreaking SONGFIRE Theatre Program in 2012, Seaworthy gathers art songs from across two centuries, and knits them into a single, compelling narrative.  This fully-staged revival production, produced specifically for the SMPC 2015 Conference, will feature alumni and faculty of Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music, under the direction of Gayle Shay (Director, Vanderbilt Opera Theatre) and Rena Sharon (Professor of Collaborative Piano, UBC).

Length – 1 hour

Location:  Martha Rivers Center for the Performing Arts, Blair School of Music

Date:  August 4    Time:  6:00pm


11:30am Closing remarks, Great Hall at Scarritt Bennett Center

Satellite Event

July 31-August 1, 2015 The AIRS (Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing) 6th Annual Meeting, Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center, Medical Center East, South Tower (1215 21st Ave. S, Nashville, TN)

The program includes:

  • overview of the AIRS project by the AIRS team leaders
  • oral presentations by student and early career professionals on all AIRS research themes
  • research posters
  • vocal master class
  • workshops:
    • AIRS Test Battery of Singing Skills
    • pitch analysis
    • AIRS Digital Library
    • North Indian singing

A special feature of this Nashville meeting is the opportunity to connect with members of the  Vanderbilt Voice Center, tour their facility, and hear presentations by members of the team.

All those who are seriously engaged or interested in research on singing, in any of its aspects (pedagogical, developmental, social/humanistic, ethnomusicological, therapeutic, or technical) are welcome to attend. For registration information, please contact rdwyer@upei.ca or call 902-566-6023.  Meals and refreshment breaks are included with registration. Students and early career professionals are invited to a pizza dinner and round table forum on the evening of July 30th. For full program details please see www.airsplace.ca.

6:15pm August 2, 2015 “So We Are” performance, The Basement (1604 8th Ave S #330, Nashville, TN 37203)
The duo featuring Joe LeDoux and Colin Dempsey will be playing a gig at this cozy live music venue.For more information, check out their website!

Stay tuned for more announcements!