Auditory Neuropathy/Dys-synchrony Database

Last Updated: Monday, April 05, 2010

Principal Investigator: Linda Hood, Ph.D.


We are developing a database at Vanderbilt University that includes individuals with auditory neuropathy/dys-synchrony. Since you (your child) have been either diagnosed with or are at risk for this type of hearing problem, we would like to include your (your child’s) information in our database.

The information that will be included is results of hearing and speech tests, medical history, and information about management of your (your child’s) hearing problem. All information will be kept confidential and information that can be connected to your (your child’s) name will not be shared with anyone.

Since auditory neuropathy/dys-synchrony is a fairly newly identified disorder (Starr, Picton, Sininger, Hood and Berlin, 1996), we have much to learn. With information from our patients, we can better understand how to best evaluate and manage this hearing problem.

If you are willing to allow us to include your (your child’s) information related to your (his or her) hearing problem or if you have questions, please contact us.

You may also reach us by letter at:

Linda J. Hood, Ph.D.

Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences

MCE South Tower 8310, Vanderbilt University

1215 21st Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37232

Participant Criteria

Infants, children and adults diagnosed with, or at risk for, auditory neuropathy/dys-synchrony


a good feeling about helping science, and information from the experts

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Contact Information

Dr. Linda Hood

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