Language, Music, and Listening Skills in Children

Principal Investigator: Reyna L. Gordon, Ph.D.

Other researchers: Alexandra Key, PhD; Melanie Schuele, PhD


We are interested in how a child's language skills might be related to their other thinking and listening skills, such as the ability to hear rhythms in music. We invite 5-7-year-old typically developing children to participate in this study. No music training is expected or needed.

Children will be asked to:

  • Respond to tests of their linguistic and musical abilities.
  • Sit still and listen to sounds and play computer games while wearing a damp stretchy cap.
  • Spit into a cup

Participant Criteria

Typically developing 5-7-year-olds


$150 in gift cards (a $30 gift card for a screening visit and a $60 gift card for each completed study visit). Results of standardized testing will be provided at no cost.

Visit Requirements

One screening visit and two 3-hour study visits within one month’s time.


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Contact Information

Ashley Hirsch

Last Updated: Thursday, August 04, 2016

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