Parent-Child Music Class from The SeRENADe Project: Social and Rhythmic Engagement (Child with ASD)

Principal Investigator: Miriam Lense, Ph.D.


The study involves participating in weekly, small group parent-child music classes as part of a research study examining music and social engagement in children with and without autism; therefore each music class includes children with autism as well as children without autism.

At each of the ~12 weekly classes, parents and children participate together in music and movement activities in a supportive, inclusive environment.


  • Learn strategies of ways to use music during their daily activities to promote social interactions and positive behavior.
  • Receive handouts and support materials related to the music program and set a musical goal each week in the program.
  • Complete a brief weekly questionnaire regarding use of music at home.
  • Participate in a study visit at the start and end of the classes, which involves play-based assessments and questionnaires.
  • Receive $50 of compensation for completion of all study activities and participation in music classes.

Participant Criteria

Children 2-4 years old, with and without autism spectrum disorder, and their parents who are interested in participating in a research study involving small group, weekly parent-child music classes.


Up to $50 for completion of all study activities and music classes at no cost to families.

Visit Requirements

2 study visits plus 12 weekly classes


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Contact Information

Miriam Lense, Ph.D.

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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