Developing a Brain for Numbers

Last Updated: Friday, December 1, 2017

Principal Investigator: Gavin Price, Ph.D.


We are interested in how children learn to process numbers and what parts of brain change as they do so. Hopefully, this research will help us better understand how we learn math, and so help us to develop better ways of teaching math.

We will ask families to come to Vanderbilt University for 2 visits per year for 3 years. The first visit will last approximately 2-3 hours and the second visit will last approximately 2 hours. We have very flexible schedules that include evenings and weekends.

During the 1st visit:

  • Children will practice laying still in a pretend MRI while doing tasks on a computer
  • Children will work one-on-one with a research team member to do some schoollike assessment activities
  • Parents will answer questions about their child

During the 2nd visit:

  • Children will lie still in a real MRI scanner while doing some tasks on a computer involving numbers and objects

Compensation Detail

$50 check for completion of the first visit ($20 for child and $30 for parent), plus a toy valued at $10. $30 check for completion of the second visit ($10 for child and $20 for parent), plus a toy valued at $10, and a $20 bonus check for completing the MRI, totaling $100 in checks for completion of both sessions.

Participant Criteria

Children who are in kindergarten this year.


$100 in checks for completion of both sessions


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