What is TASA?

What is TASA?

  • A statewide network of individuals with disabilities and agencies committed to strengthening and enhancing self‐advocacy among people with disabilities.
  • A forum for members to discuss the successes and challenges experienced in efforts to become self-advocates.

What are the primary goals for TASA?

TASA is focusing its efforts on developing a virtual resource center that will support individuals with disabilities in becoming self-advocates.  The on-line resource center will

  • Offer informational resources, training opportunities, and peer support.
  • Be led by self‐advocates.
  • Collaborate with DD partners and community partners.

Why is TASA necessary and important?

  • It is often difficult for individuals with disabilities to learn to speak up for themselves and become their own self‐advocates.
  • Often, individuals and agencies that support people with disabilities assume that they know what is best for people with disabilities without allowing them to have their own voice to express their personal interests, needs, and desires.
  • TASA aims to provide individuals with disabilities the tools, resources, and support they need to increase their ability to become self‐advocates for themselves and the disability community.