Developmental disabilities

A developmental disability is a condition that is significant and ongoing, begins before age 22, and substantially limits functioning in daily activities of living. Examples include autism spectrum disorders, brain or spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, intellectual disabilities, Prader-Willi syndrome, spin bifida, and Williams syndrome. There are approximately 4.5 million individuals with developmental disabilities in the United States.

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Educate to Advocate 2018

Kennedy Center Lectures on Development & Developmental Disabilities (Martin Luther King, Jr., Commemorative Lecture): "Supported Decision-Making: Protecting Rights, Ensuring Choices"

Making our voices heard in our nation’s capitol
I count myself very fortunate to have been able to attend the annual Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, D.C., again this year, March 20-22, and to make visits to our Tennessee Congressional Delegation on Capitol Hill. As we chanted at the Seminar: “This is what democracy looks like.”

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Elisabeth Dykens, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, and Pediatrics; Co-Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Anjali J. Forber-Pratt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Human & Organizational Development

Robert Hodapp, Ph.D.
Professor of Special Education; Director of Research, UCEDD

Joseph Lambert, Ph.D., BCBA
Assistant Professor in the Practice of Special Education; ABA Program Director

Evon B. Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Psychology, and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Director of Training, UCEDD; Associate Director, Vanderbilt Consortium LEND; Neurobehavioral Phenotypes Coordinator, IDDRC Clinical Translational Core B

Miriam Lense, Ph.D.
Research Instructor in Otolaryngology

Blair Lloyd, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Special Education

Elise McMillan, J.D.
Co-Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Director of Community Engagement and Public Policy
Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Arie L. Nettles, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Division of Developmental Medicine

John Phillips III, M.D.
David T. Karzon Professor of Pediatrics; Director, Division of Pediatric Genetics; Professor of Biochemistry; Professor of Medicine; Professor of Pathology; Clinical Professor of Nursing

Althea Robinson Shelton, M.D., MPH
Assistant Professor of Neurology, Sleep Division

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