Religion and Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality

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Putting faith and jobseekers with disabilities to work
A new manual outlines how faith communities can support members with disabilities in finding and maintaining employment. The manual was developed by the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and its partners in the Putting Faith to Work project, which include University Centers for Excellence who make up the National Collaborative on Faith and Disability.

VKC providing national leadership in the area of disabilities, religion, and inclusive spiritual supports
From assisting congregations to connect members with disabilities to jobs to coordinating a national webinar series on how to honor spiritual needs, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC) continues to address the issue of inclusion and belonging in faith communities.

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  • Putting Faith to Work
    In 2014, the Kessler Foundation awarded a Signature Employment Grant to the VKC UCEDD, along with three other UCEDDs, focused on focused on building the capacity of faith communities to support employment for members with disabilities.

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Erik Carter, Ph.D.
Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair and Professor of Special Education

Jacobus Hamman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Religion, Psychology, and Culture; Director, Program in Theology and Practice, Vanderbilt Divinity School

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