Parking Policies and Procedures

Individual Vanderbilt Kennedy Center research projects may purchase a parking space on an annual basis from VU Parking Services, (615) 322-2554, 2800 Vanderbilt Place, for purposes of allowing research participants to park when they come to campus to take part in research.

A sign indicates that a specific space is reserved for that project's participants. Only that project's participants may park in that space. Participants who park in that space must have a parking placard placed on the left front dashboard or a sticker placed on the left of the back windshield.

In addition, there are four VKC "No Parking" traffic cones placed at the front of each parking spot to deter unassigned parking. It is the responsibility of the person assigned the parking spot and/or the VKC faculty/staff member who reserved the parking spot to move the cone next to the placard when using the parking spot and then to return the cone to its original place once the parking spot is left unoccupied. Please call Peggy Chatfield at (615) 322-6115 if mobility issues inhibit your ability to do so.

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center has four reserved parking spaces adjacent to the OMC Building. If a Kennedy Center research project needs parking for research participants too infrequently to merit purchasing a space annually, a Kennedy Center space may be reserved with a request form here or (615) 322-6115.

To tow a car that is improperly parked in a reserved space, call VU Parking Services, (615) 322-2554 or (615) 322-2745 is VU Parking Services is closed.