Parking Policies and Procedures

Individual Vanderbilt Kennedy Center research projects may purchase a parking space on an annual basis from VU Parking Services, (615) 322-2554, 2800 Vanderbilt Place, for purposes of allowing research participants to park when they come to campus to take part in research.

A sign indicates that a specific space is reserved for that project's participants. Only that project's participants may park in that space. Participants who park in that space must have a parking placard placed on the left front dashboard or a sticker placed on the left of the back windshield.

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center has 3 reserved parking spaces adjacent to the OMC Building. If a Kennedy Center research project needs parking for research participants too infrequently to merit purchasing a space annually, a Kennedy Center space may be reserved with a request form here or (615) 322-6115.

If you reserve a space for use before 9:00 a.m., you must also check out a "No Parking" tent sign to place in front of the placard prior to your reservation start time. Check out the sign by contacting Peggy Chatfield, Room 406 VKC/OMC Bldg., (615) 322-6115,

To tow a car that is improperly parked in a reserved space, call VU Parking Services, (615) 322-2554.

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