VKC Room 241 - Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

Room 241 is a large, multipurpose event space shared by Peabody College and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. Room 241 is located on the left side of the building's main lobby.

Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

Complete this Peabody College online form to reserve 241.

The following priorities are observed in VKC use of Room 241:

  1. For Vanderbilt Kennedy Center-sponsored events.
  2. For University events related to the Center's mission of research, service, or training concerning development and developmental disabilities. Because of high demand, the space cannot be reserved for multi-day events.
  3. For community events of public or nonprofit organizations whose work is related to the Center's mission of improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities and their families. Note: A VKC faculty or staff member must be present throughout the event.

The VKC wants to work with nonprofit disability-related community organizations to provide optimal facilities for their use at no cost to the organization. We view this as an important part of our mission. As part of Vanderbilt University, we are required to inform organizations of specific regulations to which users of Room 241 must adhere.

Note: Since shared use of Room 241 is the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center's only space for its many research and outreach events and meetings, the Center may find it necessary to ask a reservation holder to find an alternate location if the VKC should need Room 241 at the time reserved. This rarely occurs but if it does, the reservation holder will receive ample notice, and we will work with the sponsoring organization to identify other event or meeting space.


Theater style: 100 persons.
Classroom style with long tables: 16 long tables, seating 2 per table, 32 persons; seating 3 per table, 48 persons.
Classroom style with round tables: 12 round tables, seating 6 per table, 72 persons.

Reservation Hours

Generally available 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays. Due to building security, to use on evenings or weekends, a VKC staff or faculty member must be present throughout the event. Evening and weekend availability is 6-9 p.m. M-Th and Sat 8-5 p.m. These hours include set-up and clean-up. Use outside these hours will be considered only on a case by case basis.

User Responsibilities

A designee of the department, program, or organization sponsoring the event must provide contact information (cell phone and email) at the time the room reservation is made. The user is responsible for the set up and clean up of Room 241, as well as the lobby if it is used. Reset room theater style per the diagram posted. For VKC-sponsored events, the user is responsible for checking out the Room 241 key from OMC 406 as well as returning the key to OMC 406 as soon as the reservation has ended. It is against Vanderbilt University policy to prop open building doors when locked after hours. Therefore, the user must provide a volunteer to remain at the door to allow entry for the event or arrange for Vanderbilt Security to unlock and relock the building prior to and following the event.


Room 241 is equipped with a sound system, podium, screen, projector, and flip charts. VKC equipment available for use for VKC-sponsored events includes four wireless, hand-held microphones with three tabletop stands and two floor stands. User may provide a laptop computer, or may use the computer inside the podium. Users are responsible for making arrangements for audiovisual or other equipment needs. After you receive email confirmation of your reservation, VKC Technical Support will contact you to determine your audiovisual needs. VKC Technical Support for VKC-sponsored events is available during weekday hours. Should you need to use audiovisual equipment during a VKC-sponsored event after business hours, a VKC staff person will instruct a designated person in the basic use of the room equipment. The designated individual who receives instruction is the only person who should handle audiovisual equipment. If equipment is used after 5 p.m. or on weekends, user is responsible for security of equipment. Children are to be supervised at all times and kept away from audiovisual equipment.

Room 241 Format

Room 241 is maintained in theater style with 100 stackable chairs: 6 rows of chairs in 3 sections of 4 chairs (left), 4 chairs (center), 4 chairs (right), with the front row aligned with the green load-bearing columns at the front of the room: Remaining chairs are to be left along left/right walls facing the center of the room.

Users are responsible for setting up and returning room to this format, allowing ample leg room between each row and large aisles in the interior and exterior of the room to allow for wheelchair access. Tables, chairs, or other furnishings should not be moved in or out without permission. The left closet holds 16 tables, 6' X 1.5' (can be combined into eight sets of 6' X 3' tables), and 12 round tables that can be arranged in different formats. Tables should be returned to the closet, with the exception of 2 additional tables in the back available for materials display or food/beverages.

Room 241 Set Up

For VKC-related events, users are responsible for picking up keys in advance of events and returning them afterwards; for turning off lights, and clean up; and for locking doors after use. All four sets of doors should be unlocked during events for fire safety. The left door to each set of double doors must be secured in the floor and/or the top of the door casing before locking; otherwise they can be pulled open even when locked.


Serving of food or beverages should be approved at the time the room is reserved. All refreshments and supplies must be provided by the user. Users are responsible for removing any rental or catering supplies and food/beverages immediately following the event; and for clean up. Clean up includes removing trash from room; dumpster is located behind the Educational Library building next door. If a spill occurs on tables, chairs, or carpet, please clean up immediately and report spill to vkcfacilities@vanderbilt.edu.


Room 241 has four thermostats. In order to maintain optimum temperature, all four must be set to the same setting: 72 degrees. If the thermostat is set lower or higher for an event, user is responsible for returning the four thermostats to 72 degrees. If the thermotat is set lower or higher for an event, user is responsible for returning the four thermostats to 72 degrees.


Do not tape materials to the walls. Easels are available on request.


For Vanderbilt Police and Security, call (615) 322-2745; emergency only call 1-1911.


No smoking is allowed in the OMC Building or on the patio or stairs leading to the main entrance.


Assistance dogs for persons with disabilities are the only animals allowed in OMC.


To cancel your reservation of Room 241, click here for the Peabody College Room Request Form.


Please contact vkcfacilities@vanderbilt.edu or (615) 322-8232. You may reach us during regular business hours. In addition, sponsor organizations may work with a VKC faculty or staff member who will be able to facilitate the use of OMC 241.