Governance and Oversight (Core A)

Director meeting with staff

Governance and Oversight

The Director and the Executive Committee provide administrative oversight of the IDDRC, cores, and research project.

Executive Committee:

  • IDDRC Research and Core Services Committee – Evaluates core service delivery to U54 project and IDDRC investigators. Identifies new and emerging technologies to advance IDD translational research. Core faculty and U54 project PI meet monthly.

  • Senior Administration Committee – Provides oversight, coordination, and integration of IDDRC, UCEDD, LEND, TRIAD, and State- and University-funded activities. Meets bi-weekly.

  • External Advisory Committee – Composed of seasoned scientists in IDD translational research and IDDRC leadership, and a family advocate and an NICHD representative. Evaluates IDDRC services and functioning. Advises leadership on new or emerging core-related technologies. Recommends ways to improve integration of U54 project and cores. Meets annually. View member list.

  • Membership Committee – Appointed by IDDRC director, this multidisciplinary committee reviews membership applications of Vanderbilt faculty on a rolling basis and recommends membership appointment to Director for final approval. See Criteria and Application Process.

Contact: Jan Rosemergy, Ph.D.

Attention Investigators!

If you make use of these services or facilities, please acknowledge this support in publications, as required by the EKS NICHD.

Sample: "Research supported in this publication was supported by the EKS NICHD of the NIH under Award #U54HD083211. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH."

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