Technical Services (Core A)

  • IT Services

    Technical support at VUMC is provided by Medical Center Information Technology (MCIT), with specialized support provided by colleges and academic departments. Core A Technical Services provides support for specialized IDDRC-related needs for technical support.

    Technical Support staff provide:

    • Secure management of servers
    • General technical support for IDDRC leadership and staff
    • Website programming for IDDRC, UCEDD, LEND, and TRIAD and consultation for IDDRC projects
    • Databases design, implementation, and maintenance for IDDRC projects and websites
    • Technical support for IDDRC-sponsored Training and Education events
    • Development and training in use of computer systems to investigators and their staff

    IDDRC computer users may contact Technical Support staff by contacting the Help Desk at, which generates a ticket that facilitates effective management of technical support.

  • Graphic Services

    Design and layout of journal figures, graphs, newsletters, brochures, and flyers. All jobs are processed in the order that they are received. Allow a minimum of 2 weeks turnaround for all design requests. A due date will be set at the start of the job. Note: Communications Services provides writing, editing, and proofing assistance.

    View this tip sheet on VKC printing guidelines.

    Poster Printing Resources:

    Scientific Illustration Resource:

Key Personnel:

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