Recruitment Services (Core B)

Variety of VKC recruitment fliers

Recruitment Communication and Dissemination

Assistance to investigators in communicating recruitment needs to potential participants. Provides consultation and resources to investigators/teams. Educates broader community about research opportunities. Services include:

  • Consultation with research team to develop a study-specific recruitment plan using recruitment tools and communication strategies
  • Development, design, and dissemination of recruitment materials
  • Drafting or editing of reports to study participants about research findings


Courtney Evans Taylor, M.Div., Communications and Dissemination

Kylie Muccilli, Graphics Design

Studies-in-Schools Consultation

Assistance to investigators in navigating school systems in order to conduct research.

Contact: Elise McMillan, J.D.


is the VKC web-based searchable portal for studies seeking research participants. For each study, the site includes a brief description, participant criteria, compensation, visit requirements, links to brochures or fliers, and contact information. Studies listed are led by VKC-affiliated PIs. The study must have IRB approval before listing. Link here to a REDCap form for StudyFinder entry; or provide your IRB-approved recruitment flyer.


Jon Tapp

Adult with child

IDD Sub-Registry of Research Match

is the first nationwide, nonprofit, volunteer research recruitment platform for all health conditions. The site was developed by and is hosted by VUMC. It is the product of a Consortium of research universities led by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. It includes a sub-registry for intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as other sub-registries. Since all national IDDRCs are at universities with CTSAs, all IDDRC-affiliated researchers may use this recruitment tool.

Contact: Research Match

Social Media

Investigators/teams can promote research opportunities through VKC social media. Some long-term research projects initiate a project social media presence; Communications staff provide assistance in complying with VU/VUMC policies and procedures.

Contact: Elizabeth Turner

IDDRC and UCEDD Collaborations

The VKC UCEDD is a resource for research recruitment through its clinics and programs and through its extensive relationships with community and state disability organizations.

Contact: Elise McMillan, J.D.


Other Resources

Attention Investigators!

If you make use of these services or facilities, please acknowledge this support in publications, as required by the EKS NICHD.

Sample: "Research supported in this publication was supported by the EKS NICHD of the NIH under Award #U54HD083211. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH."

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