Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping (Core D)

Photo of  elevated plus maze
  • Provides VKC investigators with access to and training in modern behavioral phenotyping methods through the Vanderbilt Murine Neurobehavioral Laboratory (MNL)
  • Provides consultation in experimental design and most appropriate tests to use for specific experiments
  • Trains investigators and research staff regarding use of behavioral equipment, data backup techniques, and data retrieval from server
  • Assists in using data analytic tools
  • Provides technician support to conduct behavioral phenotyping on behalf of Investigators

See MNL website for on-line reservation system, descriptions of faculty and equipment, and on-line instruction manuals.

Assistance is provided with the following behavioral paradigms:

  • Gross Neurological Function
  • Sensory Function
  • Motor Function
  • Learning/Cognition Function
  • Anxiety and Behavioral Despair
  • Motivated Behavior
  • Social Behavior and Aggression
  • Maternal Behavior

Attention Investigators!

If you make use of these services or facilities, please acknowledge this support in publications, as required by the EKS NICHD.

Sample: "Research supported in this publication was supported by the EKS NICHD of the NIH under Award #U54HD083211. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH."

Key Personnel