IDD Database Development Leveraging BioVU/Synthetic Derivative (Core E)

IDD Database Development Leveraging BioVU/Synthetic Derivative

The VUMC Synthetic Derivative (SD) contains de-identified electronic medical records (EMRs) of ~2.1 million patients, with detailed longitudinal clinical data on ~1 million of those patients. It includes diagnostic and procedure codes, demographics, laboratory values, vitals, and text from clinical care notes. However, accessing and mining these data have considerable challenges.

This Core E service assists investigators in the use of this BioVU/SD resource to create easily accessible, IDD-relevant, disorder-specific EMR databases with matched controls. Once such resources are created, Core E personnel will assist the investigator with generating and testing disorder-specific hypotheses using these cutting-edge data sources.

Core E provides special bioinformatics and data mining assistance to investigators. Core personnel will help investigators clarify their research questions, and help identify the specific population and EMR parameters needed to address these questions. Once a clear study plan is formulated, Core E interfaces with BioVU/SD staff to access, to download and to clean resulting data.

Contact: Richard Urbano, Ph.D.

Attention Investigators!

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