Services for People with Disabilities, Families and the Community

Services for Families

Services for Families

The Vanderbilt Kennedy University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) provides a variety of services and programs for individuals with disabilities of all ages and their families, for professionals, and the community. Many services are integrated with research and training.

Navigating service systems can be complicated. If you need help finding services, call Tennessee Disability Pathfinder for free information and referral, 615-322-8529 or toll-free 1-800-640-4636.

  • Arts and Disabilities
    Quarterly exhibits of art by children and adults with disabilities or mental health disorders.

  • Autism Services
    Services for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families, as well as professionals who work with Autism Spectrum Disorders, are offered through the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • Britt Henderson Training Series for Educators
    This annual workshop series provides evidence-based training for school teams of general and special educators to support inclusive education and to prepare students in special education for postsecondary education and/or employment.

  • Disabilities, Religion and Spirtuality
    This program provides training and supports for individuals with disabilites and families, faith communities, and disability services providers.

  • Down Syndrome Clinic (Affiliate)
    The clinic works with families referred by their primary care provider and provides special care in a wide variety of fields, and assists patients in finding other services.

  • Fragile X Clinic (Affiliate)
    The Vanderbilt Fragile X Clinic provides resources for individuals and families affected by fragile X. The clinic is part of the National Fragile X Foundation Clinics Consortium.

  • Kindred Stories of Disability in Tennessee
    A collection of stories from individuals with disabilities, families, friends, and disability service providers in Tennessee.

  • Learning Assessment Clinic
    The VKC Learning Assessment Clinic provides academic assessments for students ages 5-25 who are experiencing academic learning challenges.

  • Next Steps at Vanderbilt - Postsecondary Education Program
    Education, social skills, and vocational training program for students with intellectual disabilities. Next Steps at Vanderbilt provides educational experiences for students beyond high school and awards 2-year certificate at graduation.

  • Reading Clinic
    The Reading Clinic provides intensive, individualized, one-on-one tutoring using assessments and evidence-based instructional methods shown to promote reading; serving children in grades K-8.

  • ResearchMatch (Affiliate)
    Vanderbilt University’s ResearchMatch is a nationwide, nonprofit, volunteer research recruitment website for all health conditions.

  • Sibling Programs
    Support and networking programs designed specifically for the siblings of people with disabilities.

  • Social Work Services
    Provides assessments, crisis intervention, brief counseling, and referral services to individuals and families with developmental disabilities

  • StudyFinder
    By participating in reserach, sometimes free services are provided that will directly benefit you or a family member. The studies listed in this section offer services and/or compensation in return for your participation.

  • Summer Programs and Community Activities
    Curriculums designed by multi-disciplinary teams of disabilities professionals make for an experience that is fun and beneficial for participants. Programs include:

  • Susan Gray School (Affiliate)
    A nationally recognized early childhood education and early intervention program that includes typically developing children in educational settings with children with disabilities.

  • Tennessee Disabilty Pathfinder
    A free statewide, multilingual clearinghouse of disability resources. Phone helpline, website with searchable Services Database and Community Calendar, and Multicultural Outreach Program.

  • TennesseeWorks
    Tennessee’s web hub for information related to employment of people with disabilities.

  • Tip Sheets
    Tips and Resources fact sheets are tools for individuals and families with and without disabilities, service providers, students and trainees, and anyone interested in learning more about disabilities and disability-related topics.

  • Vanderbilt Best Buddies Chapter (Affiliate)
    Vanderbilt University has a chapter of this national organization that promotes one-to-one friendships with adults with intellectual disabilities.

  • Volunteer Advocacy Project
    Training (40 hours over 12 sessions) for persons interested in becoming special education advocates to support families, held at multiple Tennessee sites.

Other Resources for Families