Visual Supports for Medical Professionals

Visual Supports for Medical Professionals

TRIAD consultants have created Boardmaker™ files and other visual supports for use during clinic visits. You must have the Boardmaker™ program installed on your computer to open these files.

Boardmaker™ for Clinic Visits (.bm2)

Boardmaker™ series regarding clinic visits.

Boardmaker™ for Finding Out What Hurts (.bm2)

Boardmaker™ series to help find out what hurts.

Boardmaker™ for Injections (.bm2)

Boardmaker™ series regarding injections.

Boardmaker™ for Phlebotomy (.bm2)

Boardmaker™ series regarding injections.

Step-by-Step Phlebotomy Photo Reference (.pdf)

Steps through the process of going to the clinic for a phlebotomoy.

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