Tennessee Disability Pathfinder Multicultural Outreach Project

In 2005, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder received a grant from the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities to expand its scope of services to include a Hispanic Outreach Project. The goal of the project was to provide statewide information and assistance for Spanish-speaking individuals with disabilities who were underserved or not being served. The original project’s primary objectives were to:

  • Assist Spanish-speaking individuals with disabilities and/or family members in understanding disability systems and providing a path for accessing available services
  • Identify Spanish-speaking staff and individuals within existing agencies and develop a comprehensive database to share information with others, known as Camino Seguro
  • Establish a parent support group for Spanish-speaking families of children with disabilities in Middle Tennessee and provide technical assistance to other organizations wanting to do the same in other parts of the state
  • Provide technical disability training within the community

In 2010, the Hispanic Outreach Project evolved into the Multicultural Outreach Project, which now provides the same assistance to all immigrants and refugees with disabilities and their families in Tennessee, regardless of their spoken language, country of origin, disability, or age. Multicultural Outreach Program outcomes to date include:

  • A significant increase in the number of individuals with disabilities from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds able to access services available throughout the state
  • Valuable training opportunities provided to educate professionals about working with individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Numerous programs and services identified through networking and collaboration in an effort to connect immigrants and refugees with available services
  • The development and coordination of the Multicultural Alliance on Disabilities, an organized group of more than 70 community agencies that work for the well-being of individuals with disabilities and their families from different cultural backgrounds in Tennessee

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